Oh let's don't talk about
how all the lights went out
we're grown up now and we know better
beer bottles, nicotine
those kids we used to be
Oh what a scream they were together

I could not believe
that thing you wore on your sleeve
there was a sound something like a dirge
then it was all fire in the heavens
it was dogs in church

We hitchhiked up the coast
haunted by holy ghosts
with hunger burning in our bellies
up where the trees grow tall
the writing on the wall
it wasn't Keats, wasn't Shelley

Couldn't turn myself off
Somebody called in the cops
It's a hell of a thing about love
Sometimes it's just so far from enough

Death comets, fire alarms
you hanging on my arm
I'm not sure misery's all that wild about company
all the lights went out
everybody scream and shout
That's when you let go of me

Let's don't talk about
how all the lights went out
We're grown up now, and we know better
When clouds of dismal blues
start raining other shoes
perhaps we'll talk about the weather

Pick a card, any card
bury it out in the yard
at the end of this magic show
you find out what you already know