My name is Leo DiSanto, and I'm a song and story man and compulsive adventurer. A rural Pennsylvania yokel with a passport, a guitar, and a blog, I've hauled my wanderlust wagon everywhere from gypsy camps in Transylvania to monasteries in the high Himalaya to the wild interior of Alaska. I see this more or less as my existential mission: to inspire and be inspired.

This website is meant to be the nexus for my various musical endeavors, adventure chronicles, sporadic literary efforts, out-loud dreams, swashbuckling blunders, bungling philosophical considerations, and general windmill tilting. Information about and music by my original string band, Vinegar Creek Constituency, can be found at, where you can name your price for downloads of all our albums. Our music can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and all the usual places; links to us on those sites are on the VCC homepage. 

I love to spend some of my time on this beautiful, ape-infested earthrock getting to know the people who connect in some way with the things I make, so please feel welcome to contact me through this website to give me feedback; share interesting factoids, daring recipes, or pictures of your dog; discuss weird metaphysics; or inquire about enlisting my services as a writer/ entertainer. 

If you take delight in my various deeds and creations, please keep this ramshackle human entertainment factory in production by making a pledge of as little as one measly buck on it's the most direct way to support my work, kind of like buying your cabbage from the farmer who grows it rather than the big distributors (or industry execs) who lowball him for it. Here's the link to my Patreon page:


 Cheers, excelsior, Big Thanks, Big Love and happy trails,