Vinegar Creek Constituency

The Pennsylvania Dutch Country's swashbuckling, pseudo-legendary pioneers of the Amerikindasorta style of string band music, Vinegar Creek Constituency channels the venerable old ghosts of American folk music tradition through imaginative, emotive original songs delivered with rock n roll intensity. Full of shouting, floorboard- stomping soul, their live performances are uplifting, high-energy events with fans dancing in the aisles and clapping, stomping, and singing along.  

The musicians of Vinegar Creek Constituency come from diverse musical backgrounds that range from formal Classical performance to experimental, police-summoning garage Rock to traditional Old Time Appalachian string band music to Gypsy Jazz. Consequently, the band’s sound draws on elements of many styles, including high-octane bluegrass, Sun Records-era rock'n'roll, early swing, vaudeville, outlaw country, and ragtime.  

Vinegar Creek Constituency was assembled in 2005 by Lancaster Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Leo DiSanto, then fronting an obscure rock band called The False Bottoms, who spent most of their offstage time recording noises and drinking heroic quantities of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in a suburban garage.  
After a few years of sporadic performances, in May 2008 VCC traveled to Cumberland, MD performing in and winning the first annual Delfest band competition and providing a catalyst for the band's growing creative energy and commitment.  

VCC has released five studio albums of all original material to date- The Vinegar Creek Constituency (released 2008); Angel of the Last Waltz (2010); Don't Go Back In Time (2013); Amerikindasorta (2018); and the duo EP The Halloween Tapes (2020). They frequently perform in clubs, pubs, theaters, festivals, street corners, living rooms, and venues of all sorts in a continuously-expanding range throughout the US and Europe as the full 5-piece band or in a stripped down duo or trio configuration. 

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