Fix My Music

A video music lessons series

Tips, tricks, licks, and pearls of wisdom from myself and some of the many outstanding players whose paths cross mine on the roads and routes of song. I invite you to make these explorations with me- let us grow and deepen our understanding of music together. 

Episode 4 notes:

In episode 4 I chat with my good friend Shine Delphi about the arpeggio-based approach to soloing (as well as whatever other weirdness crosses the mind-mouth barrier).

Episode 3 notes:

A lesson on the fingerpicking style known as "Travis picking," as illustrated by Elizabeth Cotton's "Freight Train" and Vinegar Creek Constituency's "Big Blue Sky." 

Episode 2 notes

In this very special 2nd episode of Fix My Music, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Shanley- guitarist, composer, band leader, and renowned touring and session player for the likes of Ray Davies (The Kinks frontman), Roy Harper, and Sinead O’Connor. My bandmates and I had numerous opportunities to perform with Bill in his family’s pub at Clonakilty International Guitar Festival in Ireland last weekend, and he is truly one of the finest, most inventive guitar players I’ve seen with my own ears. In this episode, Bill and I discuss his first guitar lessons with Noel Redding (bassist for The Jimi Hendrix Experience), taste and dynamics in group playing, using open string tones in your playing to tap into the guitar's full  richness and resonance, and a bit about Bill's upcoming album. We also rock out a few Buddy Holly tunes together. I’m very proud of this episode not because it’s any sort of accomplishment on my part, but because I am able to bring you a conversation/ lesson with such a remarkable and accomplished musician. If you dig it and want to make a small contribution to future efforts, you can toss a few coins into my digital hat using the donation button at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Episode 1 notes

I thought it fitting that Episode 1 should feature one of my (and Lancaster County's) favorite performers and very dear friends, the mighty Corty Byron. Brother Corty shows me some cool ways to jazz up a blues progression, which we then apply to one of his original songs. Feel free to share the link and/ or message me with questions. Also feel free to leave a tip via the "donate" button below the video to support future efforts and help me buy a beer for the next participant. Cheers, and enjoy!